5 Ways to Treat Your Hands in the Winter 

When your hands lose moisture, they will likely dry out and might even crack. The causes of cracked and dry skin can also be aging, eczema, or an inherited condition called ichthyosis. Cold and dry air can also irritate your skin, if it’s exposed to the elements. People who are older and who’ve had an injury may also notice their skin takes longer to heal. There are some remedies you can use at home if you skin is dry and/or cracked (not itchy or painful, though). Keep reading so you know what you can do to keep your hands refreshed 

Wear Gloves
If you wear gloves, you can definitely provide protection for your hands. But do not wear gloves made from a rough material, such as wool. Use gloves that are waterproof when your hands are in water for a while.  

Use Sunscreen
Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more and broad spectrum (to protect from both UVA and UVB rays), every day and all year long.  

Wash Your Hands Properly
Use warm — not hot — water. Hot water will irritate dry skin..  

Take Shorter Baths and Showers
Limit your baths and showers to less than 20 minutes. Make sure to bathe in cool or warm water and use a soap that is mild. When you dry off, pat your skin with a soft towel. Keep the bathroom door shut to keep the humidity in the room.  

Apply a Cream to Your Hands
Wear a hand-cream that is scent-free that has lanolin or petroleum, just after you bathe or wash your hands. Lotions, moisturizers, and creams that have added chemicals for scent may irritate your skin. You should opt for moisturizers that are more greasy than creamy, as they might better help preserve your skin.  

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