Vaginismus Can Be Embarrassing and Painful– Botox Can Help

If pain has prevented you from having sex, you have skipped using tampons because they don’t fit right, or you fear having an exam by your OB-GYN due to physical withdrawal, you may have a condition called “vaginismus“.  

Vaginismus is a condition that is marked by spasms of the vaginal muscles that are involuntary and brought on by the fear of penetration. This makes any attempt at sexual intercourse, tampon use, or gynecological exams painful and practically impossible.  

Vaginismus is not a problem that is uncommon, though. Up to seven percent of women in the world suffer from this issue, which is often misdiagnosed or overlooked by medical professionals who are not familiar with it. Vaginismus can also cause strain in relationships because one partner wonders why she cannot do what comes naturally to other women, and the other partner wonders why the woman cannot just relax and have sexual intercourse in way that is normal.  

Once you have been diagnosed with vaginismus, you will learn that the condition can be overcome with Botox. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes anymore.  Using Botox for this painful and often embarrassing condition represents a breakthrough in overcoming vaginismus. Vaginal Botox injections are administered to prevent the involuntary spasms that occur with this problem. The treatment typically takes about 30 minutes and is given under light anesthesia. The vagina is progressively dilated during treatment, with the dilator kept in place so that painless penetration can be experienced once awake.  

Are you a good candidate for Botox? To find out, schedule a consultation now.  



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