A Look At Excelling Features Of Norton Antivirus
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A Look At Excelling Features Of Norton Antivirus

17 Mar 2017

A Look At Excelling Features Of Norton Antivirus

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When it comes to a dominant force of antivirus in the market today, everyone knows that Norton is the right tool. Where every other anti-virus fails and fails to render complete protection after laying strings of fake promises, it`s only norton setup support  that succeeds in living up to its claims.

Being the influential antivirus today, Norton gives a free trail on both of its versions i.e. Norton security premium and Norton deluxe premium. The trial version can be downloaded from internet free of cost. After the trail version completes, the user will have to buy one year subscription. It can be done by either opening the subscription online or by purchasing the 1 year version from local retail store.  The user would be given a product key on the box in case of retail purchase which will have to be entered to activate the software. In online purchase, the product key will be sent to the given email account.

Exceptional features of Norton Security antivirus

  • Multiple device protection – no doubt that this is one of the best features from Norton. It gives a complete protection up to 10 users of MAC, Windows, PC, IOS and Android. With just one software subscription, it gives security to almost 10 systems. Irrespective of whether you are net banking or shopping online, your digital life is covered in only one software subscription.
  • Safety from online threats- the Norton antivirus helps in keeping the smartphones and iPhones protected against privacy loss breaches, while securing the PC against virus, data loss and internet theft. The software also warns a user of any phishing attempts on the system, dangerous websites and harmful applications
  • Secured privacy- the software gives overall privacy to all saved passwords and keeps the personal data, emails, and photos safe and totally secured. It also prevents unauthorized access to the users tablets by remotely just locking, erasing data of stolen devices
  • Family features- the parental controls instilled inside the software help in enjoying a clean internet and monitors time children use the internet. It also blocks pornographic content teaching children online safe behavior.
  • Automatic backup- to keep the data safe and secured, the software automatically backs up data upto 25 GB on cloud storage like important saved documents, files, photos etc. This helps in re loading the data on a new system if device gets lost or stolen
  • Moving protection- the Norton antivirus simply lets a user transfer and move the safety subscription from one device to another. For instance you have got a new phone, you can now easily change or move the safe subscription from old device to new device.
  • 100% virus protection assurance- the company swears by its claim of giving 100% security from all internet virus threats. The program promises of shielding the system from any internal and external virus program that can infect and harm private data.
  • 24/7 support- the customer online service and the phone support is present 24/7. A user can call at any time and register and resolve his issue.

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