Juvéderm® Ultra XC

About Juvéderm®  Ultra XC—Lip Filler
Juvéderm® Ultra XC

 Lip enhancement is one of many popular, minimally invasive treatments today. Juvéderm® Ultra XC is one recommended product for lip treatments with many benefits. Juvéderm® Ultra XC contains a consistency gel that when injected, smooths out and fills lips, giving you a very natural look.  It’s a virtually painless experience, and results are proven to last.

Are There Side Effects?
Being approved by both the FDA and Health Canada, Juvéderm® has been deemed safe. It has been noted that this is the first hyaluronic acid facial filler that has shown to be effective even in persons of color. Common side effects may include redness, swelling, or pain at the injection site. Your doctor can help you decide if Juvéderm® Ultra XC is safe for you.

Is Juvéderm® XC Right For Me?
Though surgical methods exist that can increase the volume of the lips, most of them are extremely risky and are nowhere near free of pain. Fortunately, Juvéderm® is the safer alternative that will produce luscious lips safely, with beautiful results. There is minimal downtime, and recovery is speedy.