Botox® for Migraines & Headaches

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Botox® for Migraines and Headaches

There is no definitive answer as to how Botox® injections help alleviate migraine symptoms, but this is also because we just don’t know what it is exactly that causes migraines and headaches.

We do know that Botox® injections have effectively and safely managed migraines in some patients. Botox® inhibits chemicals from affecting nerve endings, making migraines less severe. Botox® injections are added around the head and neck to dull headaches.

Are There Side Effects?
Some side effects have been noted, including neck pain and stiffness, muscle weakness, redness, headaches and dropping eyelids. These effects are temporary and mild in nature.

Is Botox® Right For Me?
While Botox® is used mainly as a wrinkle relaxer and to smooth fine lines, there are also health benefits associated with Botox® injections. For patients who experience chronic migraines, Botox® treatments can be used as a way to alleviate symptoms.

Patients with migraines that occur less than 15 days per month will notice that Botox® treatment will not curb their migraine symptoms, so it is therefore not a recommended treatment. Be sure to consult with your physician to decide if Botox® treatments for migraines are right for you.

For more information on Botox® and Botox® treatment for headaches, or to book an appointment, contact us at 973.493.7607

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