Botox® for Pore Reduction

Botox® for Pore Reduction 

Botox®, approved by the FDA as safe and effective, is a treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, and other facial aberrations. For people with large facial pores or healing acne scars, Botox® may be useful in reducing or eliminating their appearance.

How Does Botox® Pore Reduction Work?
The expansion of our pores and shaping of other facial aberrations are controlled by small muscles. By means of an injection under the skin, Botox® helps to both relax these muscles and tighten the skin, resulting in the desired lessening or elimination of large pores. This can most commonly be done along the cheeks, nose and forehead.

Is Botox® Pore Reduction Right For Me?
Most patients can expect to maintain the correction they see. However, every patient’s skin is unique. Therefore, we recommend starting slowly with a conservative amount of Botox® and continuing treatment as needed to get the best results. You may need more than one treatment to attain lasting results.

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