Botox 11 Combo™

Botox 11 Combo

About Botox 11 Combo

You may not have heard of “11 Lines”, but chances are, if you are of a certain age, you may already have them. What are these mysterious “11 Lines”? The “11 Lines”, also known as “Glabellar Lines”, are the lines that appear between the eyebrows. They usually present as two parallel, vertical lines; hence, the nickname 11 lines. They are the product of repeatedly furrowing your brow when you frown. What can be done about “11 Lines”?

How Botox 11 Combo™  Works

The standard treatment for glabellar lines is Botox. When a combination of Botox and dermal fillers are used, the results are enhanced. How so? Botox treats the root problem: it relaxes the muscle that causes wrinkles. When frown lines are especially deep, dermal fillers work in conjunction with Botox to smooth static lines, superficial lines that remain even when you aren’t frowning. Put simply, Botox and dermal fillers work together to treat both deep and superficial 11 Lines.

Are There Side Effects?

As with all procedures that involve an injection through the skin, there is a risk of infection, redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. Side effects are usually temporary and mild in nature.

Is Botox 11 Combo Right For Me?

Botox 11 Combo™ is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that produces lasting results. To enhance your look and minimize wrinkles, sagging, and aging, speak to your doctor about Botox 11 Combo™.

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