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24 Feb 2017

You May Want to Avoid These 8 Foods and Drinks If You Have Psoriasis

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You May Want to Avoid These 8 Foods and Drinks If You Have Psoriasis

Research still has to be done to confirm a definite link between psoriasis flare-ups and diet. But some individuals say that they find relief from their symptoms by eliminating certain foods and drinks. Read on to learn about common foods and beverages that are often said to possibly cause psoriasis flare-ups. Maybe you will want to consider cutting some of them out of your diet to see if your symptoms improve.

The reason why you may want to consider quitting drinking is because alcohol opens the blood vessels in the skin. White blood cells (including the T cells that are said to be responsible for psoriasis) can get into the outer layers of your skin more easily when your blood vessels are dilated. Even if you’re a light to moderate drinker, symptoms of psoriasis might worsen.

Junk Food
Junk foods tend to promote inflammation because they’re high in saturated and trans fats and refined starched. They’re also high in calories with little nutritional value. Those with psoriasis often have issues with weight. If you have psoriasis, there’s a higher risk of vascular and heart diseases and being overweight will add to the risk.

Red Meat
They contain a polyunsaturated fat called “arachidonic acid.” This kind of fat can make psoriasis symptoms worse because it can be easily converted into inflammatory compounds.

Dairy also contains arachidonic acid. One of the biggest causes is cow’s milk because it also contains casein (a protein), which has been linked to inflammation. Egg yolks are also high in the acid, so you may want to consider eliminating them, too.

Nightshade Plants
This includes eggplant, white potato, peppers. and tomatoes. Some say these foods exacerbate their psoriasis. These veggies contain solanine, which is a chemical compound that has been shown to cause pain in some individuals.

Psoriasis flare-ups can sometimes happen due to an allergic reaction and a common allergen are citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes.

This is a protein that’s found in foods like wheat, rye, and barley. Research has shown that psoriasis symptoms in some people with a sensitivity to gluten improved after they avoided gluten in their diets.

Spices and Condiments
The ones that seem to cause the most issues for people with psoriasis are curry, cinnamon, pimento, paprika, mayonnaise, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup. Substances in these condiments can increase inflammation.

23 Feb 2017

Would You Like to Appear Years Younger without Surgery?

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A lot of people want a more youthful looking appearance without having to go through surgery. Over the past couple of decades, medical knowledge about the face has advanced significantly. Patients who want a more youthful, plump look to certain facial areas like the cheeks or lips, or those who want smile lines and wrinkles reduced, can take advantage of a procedure nicknamed “liquid facelift.”

The treatments are better known as facial fillers. What substance will be used will be different, depending on the filler itself and where change is wanted. Some results last months to years, while others are more permanent. Examples of fillers that are popular include Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse. They are all compatible the the body’s natural functions.

As a person gets older, subcutaneous fat is lost under the skin layers of the face. This causes the face to appear more shallow and the muscles to look more obvious. Due to this, crow’s feet and other wrinkles become more pronounced and appear to get more deep as additional fat under the surface dissolves because they are closer to the surface. Facial fillers are made to replace this lost fat and restore with volume that makes a person look even decades younger.

A facial filler procedure typically only involves injections at the affected areas that are in need of restoration. Sometimes a local numbing agent is used to make sure there is no pain that might otherwise be experienced by the patient. Little to no downtime is required after a facial filler session and it is completed quickly — often being considered a lunchtime procedure — on an outpatient basis.

Do you think you may be interested in looking a decade younger and trying out a facial filler like Radiesse or Juvederm? Schedule a consultation today to discuss your best treatment options.


22 Feb 2017

Important Spots Your Doctor Should Check for Skin Cancer

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Important Spots Your Doctor Should Check for Skin Cancer

Maybe you’ve had your face, arms, and body checked out for skin cancer. Unfortunately, that does not mean the rest of you is safe from it. Read on to learn six spots that should be examined before you leave your doctor’s office.

Belly Button
This is actually a place where skin cancer can hide.

Pubic Area
Skin cancer has been diagnosed on the genitals.

People with short hair and those who wear ponytails can get a lot of sun on the back of their neck and might neglect to wear SPF in the area.

Lips and Ears
Cancer can actually be even more aggressive in these areas than many others.

Palms and Soles
A type of melanoma (ALM) typically occurs here as well as on the soles of a person’s feet and their nail beds.

The legs are the number one place for Caucasian women to get melanoma.

Do not forget to slather on sunscreen everywhere and use an SPF of 30 or higher that is broad spectrum to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.

21 Feb 2017

You May Have a Young Face, but Do Your Hands Reveal Your Age?

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Let’s face it— our hands can reveal our age. Many have this issue and would otherwise pass as much younger if only their hands looked as youthful as their face. As a person ages, their hands lose their firmness and plumpness and begin to look bony and fragile. The veins and joints also start to protrude, the skin becomes crepey in texture, and brown spots may start showing up after years of exposure to the sun.

Opposite to what a lot of people think, it takes more than just hand cream to combat the signs of aging hands. Fortunately, Radiesse can help this! Radiesse will immediately re-plump and replenish volume to the hands to give an appearance of youth again. This injection is placed beneath the skin and raises the skin level so that tendons, joints, and veins do not look as prominent. Radiesse also provides a scaffolding for collagen-building, so that the body’s own collagen interweaving into this structure keeps the skin appearing and feeling naturally soft and smooth.

Many know that Radiesse has already proven to be an outstanding and versatile facial contouring product. It has been used for augmentation in areas like the chin and cheeks, where more volume is often necessary. Radiesse maintains a natural and soft feel, and takes on the characteristics of the surrounding skin.

Radiesse treatment results typically last one to two years. It is a safe and effective treatment that does not require that you get an allergy test. Radiesse gives immediate replenishment of loss of volume, smoothing out scars and wrinkles.

Maybe you have spent a lot of time and energy keeping up the appearance of your face, only to leave your hands neglected ,revealing your true age or older. Do you think you would be a good candidate for a Radiesse “hand lift”? If so, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with a professional today.



20 Feb 2017

VASERshape Is Quick and Painless

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VASERshape is a non-invasive treatment that merges massage and ultrasound to smooth the body and temporarily reduce the appearance cellulite. It is a safe, FDA-approved treatment that is effective on both females and males. Little to no pain or downtime is involved with VASERshape treatment.

VASERshape is a warm, comfortable, and soothing treatment. You do not need a specific diet or exercise plan and you won’t experience needles or pain. VASERshape can help people who are thin or heavy and treat different areas below the neck. It is versatile and effective. It is also non-invasive, which means that no surgery, cuts, or incisions are involved. This equals fewer side-effects and little-to-no downtime.

This is a two part treatment that includes ultrasound and massage. The typical treatment session lasts about 45-60 minutes. The ultrasound and massage gives a micromassage effect on the fat tissue layer. This warms the connective tissue and increases local blood circulation. Both processes smooth the contours of the body, temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, and produce results that are noticeable. Some of the most common areas that VASERshape treats are the back, flanks, arms, hips, abdomen,thighs, knees, and buttocks.

VASERshape does not require any anesthesia. It is possible that you’ll notice results after the first treatment, but the most visible results are usually seen after about three to five treatment sessions. Your skin may look a little pink and feel warm after treatment. This should be gone within just hours, though. So, you can go about your normal daily routine with little-to-no downtime or pain. Some will experience temporary changes in the bowel movements and increased urination.

VASERshape will provide results that are smooth and predictable in all areas of the body, body contouring that is precise, quick recovery, a reduced number of treatments, reduced bruising, swelling, and pain afterwards. It provides improved body contouring over traditional liposuction.

Do you think you may like be a good candidate for VASERshape ? Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today so we can talk about your best treatment options.


17 Feb 2017

6 Ways to Mask Stretch Marks

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6 Ways to Mask Stretch Marks

Some people do not mind having stretch marks. It could be a badge of honor for women who have given birth or lost a significant amount of weight. Still, others do not want them on their body. There are some things you can try if you would like to make your stretch marks less visible or want to get rid of them completely. Read on to learn what you can do.

Use Makeup

There are a number of different types of foundation products that will temporarily fill in stretch marks in a very effective way. You will find products in a wide range of prices and colors, so this option is available to anyone.

On the Shelf and OTC Products

There are a lot of products you may find right off the shelf, or over the counter at your local pharmacy, that can help diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Instead of covering up the marks with makeup, these products are made to react with your skin and actually fade the stretch marks. How much success you achieve will depend on the price you’re willing to pay, so the cheapest option may not be best. Also, you may want to consult with the pharmacist and see if they can recommend any products that are kept behind the counter. Different over-the-counter products can be bought that stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin.

Vascular Lasers

One of the most common cosmetic procedures for this issue is a vascular laser, which is especially effective in the early stages of stretch marks. This method involves delivering light energy to the areas that are affected to stimulate the skin and start a restorative healing process to reduce stretch marks.

Skin Peel

Maybe you’re afraid of a laser; if so, you can always try a skin peel. Three to four treatments may be needed before you see any significant change to your stretch marks.


This is also known as collagen induction therapy. The method involves a micro needling procedure that works to activate fibroblasts that releases growth hormones, which helps encourage new skin production. This will also work to make your stretch marks less noticeable.

Strawberry Laser Treatment

This laser treatment is just about as good as you can get, but it can be costly. The procedure claims to reduce stretch marks by up to 80 percent. Strawberry laser stretch mark treatment involves a deep exfoliation that is followed by laser paddles that are applied to the affected areas. It is recommended to undergo eight treatments to fully complete the process.


16 Feb 2017

Vampire Facelifts Are Not Scary at All

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Vampire Facelifts Are Not Scary at All


Have you ever heard of a Vampire Facelift? It may sound scary because of its name, but it’s far from it. It might be the perfect solution for you if you have ever desired a facelift, but do not want to go through invasive surgery. If you desire a less dull and tired look to your face and a more youthful appearance that looks refreshed, you might just want to try a Vampire Facelift. This is a treatment that is non-surgical in which a mix of natural fillers and plasma from your own blood is injected into targeted areas of your face. This will smooth out the lines and wrinkles in your face, simply using natural products from your body. Vampire Facelift is relatively new and very popular with some celebrities. It is frequently used by people who do not want to try Botox, but want a more natural approach.

The Vampire Facelift only takes approximately 30 minutes to perform. Before the procedure, the doctor will blood and then separate platelets from the blood. Next, various natural fillers and platelets are injected into targeted areas that the patient has requested, such as the cheeks, under the eyes, mouth lines, and more. Recovery time for the Vampire Facelift is minimal. The patient’s face might be a little red afterwards, but this goes away within a few hours.

You can receive a lot of benefits from a Vampire Facelift, not only aesthetically, but financially. The procedure is outstanding for your face because it causes it to be more bright and youthful and it’s only injections use natural resources. A Vampire Facelift is much less expensive than skin-tightening treatments that are similar. There are no known side-effects because your body can easily accommodate to the fillers because it is made using your own blood. Who could ask for more?

Do you think you may be a good candidate for the Vampire Facelift? Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today so we can discuss the greatest treatment option for you.


15 Feb 2017

Vampire Breast Lift Will Show off Your Cleavage

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Vampire Breast Lift Will Show off Your Cleavage


Has a breast lift ever appealed to you, but you are not one who wants to go through invasive surgery or get implants. If this is so, the Vampire Breast Lift may be just what you’re looking for. It is a non-surgical, no downtime way you can augment your breasts. Even if you are satisfied with the size of your breasts, you might want more volume at the top of them or more noticeable cleavage.

What is the objective of the Vampire Breast Lift? It is to achieve what a quality bra would do— provide a nice lift and show off some beautiful cleavage. An ideal candidate for this procedure is a woman who does not want to change the size of her breasts a great deal. Instead, they want their breasts to appear more youthful and perky.

The combination of products used is what sets this technique apart from the typical lift and the injectable filler technique. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and starts with the patient’s own blood being drawn. This is performed like a regular blood test. After the blood is drawn, it is centrifuged and red blood cells and platelets are separated. Added to the mixture are small amounts of injectable fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. When all of the ingredients are combined, a small needle is injected into targeted areas of the breasts.

The Vampire Breast Lift works at the stem cell level and generates new tissue. This treatment brings back sensation into the breast, areola, and nipples. The results of injections last about nine to 18 months, depending on the individual. Repeated treatments will be necessary for maintenance.

14 Feb 2017

VASERshape Is Painless and Comfortable

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VASERshape Is Painless and Comfortable


Has it ever occurred to you to get liposuction, but you do not want to pay the money it requires or undergo invasive surgery? There are alternatives available, such as VASERshape, which is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment meant for body contouring, cellulite reduction, and fat reduction. This body shaping device can help you lose pesky body fat within just a few hours and results can be expected to occur over a period of a few weeks. VASERshape may be just what you need to lose some stubborn fat, permanently.

The device used for VASERshape uses ultrasound technology to cause disruption to fat cells and promote fat metabolism. The device is put directly on top of the skin. Some people say the treatment feels very similar to a great massage. Most patients require at least three to five VASERshape treatments in order to see results. It is important to note that you should continue to see results for months following your last treatment. A temporary cellulite reduction will appear after treatments and your skin will feel and look more smooth, firm, and toned.

VASERshape does not require any downtime. You can go on with your normal activities after treatment. It is also pain-free because there are not any needles or incisions needed. The affected area might be slightly pink and tender after treatment because VASERshape increases circulation to the area being treated. Any tenderness will be resolved within a few hours and your skin and tissues will continue to build strength with further treatments.

Are you interested in learning more about VASERshape? Please, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today to discuss the best treatment options for you.


13 Feb 2017

How Various Fillers Fight Wrinkles

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How Various Fillers Fight Wrinkles


Getting filler treatment may be just what you need if you want to appear as youthful as you deserve. Collagen and additional injectables give the skin a more plump, smooth appearance. Collagen might be the wrinkle filler that is most widely known, but there are many other substances that medical professionals can use to make the skin plumper, including your own body fat and synthetic materials. Keep reading to learn how injectables work.

Collagen (Bellafill and Fibrel)

Collagen injections replenish your skin’s natural collagen and smooth out some scars and lines on the face. As the contour of the support structure of your face is restored, your skin’s natural beauty is enhanced. Bovine or human cells can create these products.

Poly-L-lactic Acid (Sculptra)

This injectable, which is a synthetic polymer, is used to replace lost fat in the face and for butt lifts. The filler has been used for many years in bone screws and dissolvable stitches. Sculptra stimulates your own collagen for a texture that is more smooth and results that last longer.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) (Juvederm, Restylane, and More)

Fillers made of HA include, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Elevess, Prevelle Silk, and Belotero. HA is a substance that is already made by the body and gives your skin its volume. HA injections will fill the space between collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which gives your face a fullness that makes you appear more youthful. In order to maintain the results of HA fillers, repeated treatments are often needed. Some HA materials are thicker and can add a lot of volume and structure, while other ones are smoother and thin and flow more consistently. Juvederm might last longer, causing less inflammation and tissue injury, helping keep up the appearance for up to a year!

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (Radiesse)

This is a filler that is semi-permanent and is used to increase soft tissue. It is a collagen stimulator and is created to enhance the surface texture of your skin and stimulate your own collagen. This makes the product last longer.

Do you think you may be a good candidate for fillers? Schedule a consultation today and we can determine the best treatment options for you.


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