Lipodissolve Is Effective for Eliminating Pesky Fat, Says Study 

It may be winter, but you can still shed your “winter coat” with Lipodissolve! Lipodissolve, which is also known as injection lipolysis or lipotherapy, is pretty well-known for its ability to eliminate stubborn fat. This treatment involves a series of injections that are meant to melt localized fat deposits. The drugs that are most commonly used are deoxycholate and phosphatidylcholine (DC and PC). 

In one study, seven participants were injected with a standardized DC/PC cocktail in half of their abdomen in four treatment sessions that were spaced eight weeks apart. These participants were allowed to ask for treatment in the other side of their abdomen once the initial results were found, as part of the study’s design. 

Researchers used MRIs to objectively measure any changes in fat thickness. “We did obliterate about a centimeter of fat,” study leader V. Leroy Young, MD, a plastic surgeon in St. Louis told WebMD. “It took time though, and you could have done the same thing in one liposuction treatment and removed more fat,” he says. 

There was a noticeable difference seen in six of the seven participants and those who decided to undergo Lipodissolve treatment on the other side of their abdomen, as too. 

Side effects of the treatment included redness, swelling, bruising, and some pain. However, there were not any major side effects, like infection. “It does reduce fat volume and thickness and side effects were predictable,” Young says. 

“Treatment of small areas of fat is a realistic expectation and a tool for people who want less invasive procedures and fear anesthesia.” 

Young stresses that it’s important to know what you’re being injected with. “You need to know who produces the cocktail and what was done to it after it was received,” he says. 

Is Lipodissolve something you think you’d choose? Schedule a consultation now and we’ll figure out your options for treatment. 


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