Dermapen Treatment Is Quick and Painless 

Do you want to rejuvenate your skin, but do not want to go through many complications or pain? If so, you are not alone! Dermapen may be the ideal treatment for you! There are many reasons why individuals choose Dermapen skin therapy. Some would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and cause the overall appearance of their face to be firmer. But others have scars that they would like to diminish or stretch marks they would like to fade that they developed after being pregnant or losing weight. The Dermapen injects platelet-rich-plasma into the skin’s deep layers (the dermis) and thickens it by regenerating areas that were damaged previously.  

The Dermapen isn’t much larger than a standard writing pen and includes 11 microneedles that penetrate the surface of the skin (the epidermis) to inject materials that will heal right into the dermis. It makes about 990 micro holes a second with a needle depth that is adjustable that the doctor will alter, as necessary, to treat certain areas of the body or face correctly. Dermapen treatments require very little recovery time and are relatively painless. 

Are you interested in Dermapen treatment? Please, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today and we will discuss your treatment options.