Smoker’s Lines Can Be Eliminated With Restylane Silk 

A common complaint from patients is that they develop vertical lip lines over time. These lines are often referred to as “lipstick lines” or “smoker’s lines”, and they’re caused by a variety of factors including smoking, age, genetics, and lifestyle habits that are repetitive. Smoker’s lines are not always caused by smoking — there are some repetitive regular lip movements that are difficult to avoid. They are also called lipstick lines because they’re more noticeable when lipstick bleeds into the fine lines.  

Once smoker’s lines develop, a soft approach to treatment is required so the area still looks natural, but without the lines. Restylane Silk is the newest filler used to get rid of these pesky wrinkles. It is softer and thinner than the classic Restylane, which has been approved since 2005 for smile lines or facial wrinkles. Restylane Silk is set apart from fine line fillers such as Belotero because it contains the anesthetic, lidocaine, to make the experience of treatment more comfortable.  

Restylane Silk is made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found naturally in the body already. But, over time, our natural supply of HA diminishes with age and loss of collagen and fine lines occur as a result. Restylane Silk can provide this substance that naturally plumps to minimize fine, vertical smoker’s lines.  

FDA studies have shown that 98 percent of participants treated with Restylane Silk reported an improvement in lip wrinkles. More than 75 percent of subjects still showed an improvement, six months after their first injection. The treatment can be considered a “lunchtime” treatment because it takes only about 30 minutes and there is no downtime required.   

Do you want to eliminate your smoker’s/lipstick lines? Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today and we can discuss your treatment options.