Restylane Silk Can Give You the Subtle Pout You Desire 

It is likely that you have seen photos of people making “duck faces”. You’d think everyone would want very plump lips like that. However, many patients prefer subtlety when it comes to lip injections. It’s of particular importance when the goal is to eliminate those little lip lines that are vertical, and not necessarily add volume.  

You may be in luck with subtlety when it comes to lip enhancement using the amazing Restylane Silk, the first and only product that is FDA-approved for smoothing the lines and wrinkles around the lips and subtly enhancing them. It is smoother and smaller in particle size than basic Restylane and Restylane Lift, which means the gel is able to fill out the lines without a major plumping effect.  

“People are initially scared because they’ve seen too many Hollywood actresses with injections gone wrong,” said Dr. Karan K. Sra, co-founder of Dermatological Association of Texas and Adara Medical Spa. “But they come back asking for more.” 

As we get older, lips start to look thinner, lose their shape, and show more vertical lines around them. The lines are constantly deepened by actions like eating, laughing, sipping, and sleeping. But Restylane Silk can return the look of your more youthful pout in a subtle way.  

“Think of lips as a balloon that’s losing volume over the years,” Sra said. “When your lipstick bleeds, that’s deflation. Silk restores the fullness and fills in lines without lumps or bumps.” 

Restylane Silk results last for at least six months, but some clients see results for up to a year! 

“The thinner particle size allows for finer, more superficial correction that softens those whistle lines and ‘smoker’s’ lines,” said Dr. Younghoon Cho, owner of Integrated Plastic Surgery. “I used to transfer Restylane into smaller syringes (to get superficial correction), but Silk disperses more fluidly and evenly.” 

Do you think you may want to try Restylane Silk? Schedule a consultation now and we can determine the best treatment options for you! 


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