Botox Has Helped Some Patients With Weight Loss 

When it comes to combating wrinkles, Botox does a wonderful job. It also has a lot of other uses that are non-aesthetic, including fighting hyperhidrosis and migraines. The latest in Botox news is that injecting Botox into your stomach may help you lose weight,too. 

 A study conducted in Norway gave 20 obese patients (with BMIs between 35 and 44) Botox injections into their stomachs – in a nerve that controls hunger. Six months later, they were injected again, and then six months after that time. 

After a year, 70 percent of the patients has lost weight. On average, they got rid of 17 percent of their excess body weight. After 18 months, when the patients had received three injections, 75 percent of participants had lost an average of 28 percent of their excess weight. 

 The results of the study are promising, but there are some side effects, as would be expected with any invasive procedure. According to the Mayo Clinic, possible side effects include: 

  • Pain or swelling 
  • Headache or flu-like symptoms 
  • Breathing issues 
  • Loss of bladder control 
  • Muscle weakness throughout the body 

 An additional possible issue to keep in mind is that the results of Botox aren’t permanent, so you would need regular injections for it to have a serious effect. 


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