Get the O-Shot During Your Lunch Break! 

A lot of women suffer from loss of sexual function, painful intercourse, or urinary incontinence. This might be because of menopause, trauma from a pregnancy, or something related to a medical issue that may have happened before.  

Sometimes a woman’s symptoms may be helped with hormone creams. But these creams do not get to the root of the issue. The creams also must be used long-term, don’t always work, and come with unwanted side effects.  

If you have any of these issues, the O-Shot may be excellent for you! It is safe and natural, and will get to the physical causes of sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. The O-Shot just may change your entire life, letting each day get easier and more enjoyable!  

With the O-Shot, you can transform sexuality in a way that is natural and painless. Due to aging, sensation is often lost or may not have ever been there the way you wanted in the first place. The O-Shot can restore or significantly enhance that sensation, while improving your sensitivity, and giving you an amazing sex life. Urinary continence can be restored, too.  

The O-Shot is pain-free and takes less than a half an hour, which means it may be considered a “lunchtime” procedure”. It also uses ingredients that are all-natural. This non-surgical procedure even revitalizes and rejuvenates clitoral and vaginal function. The O-Shot is able to give a person improved sensitivity and increase their libido, as well.  

Are you a good candidate for the O-Shot? Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today and we can determine the right treatment options for you.  


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